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The LCMA has so many great social and philanthropic opportunities for its members. So, if you are not a member yet...join us today!. 

Become a Member!

New members: Submit a New Member form either online or download and mail it in. You can mail in your dues payment or pay your membership online below via PayPal (please note there is a $3 processing fee/tax). Once you have provided your information, you will be contacted by our membership development team and will start receiving LCMA communications with all our exciting events!

Please note that there are 2 membership categories: Federated ($125/year) and Regular ($60/year). The majority of our members have the Regular membership. Please select the Federated Membership only if you would like to include AMA-A, OSMA-A and County dues.


Current members: Please update your information online when renewing your membership. 





If you have any question about our group and what we do, or have questions about becoming a member, please contact our Membership Development team.

Renu Kielhorn  //

Christina Hammerling //


Join a Social Group

We have a large number of fun social activity groups that our members can join. There is something for everyone! These groups meet throughout the year to cultivate relationships and support our Alliance.

These groups include: 

  • Wine Tasting Club 

  • Restaurant Gourmet (Lunch Bunch)

  • Supper Club

  • Euchre (for beginners or skill refresher)

  • Book Club

  • Children's Play Group

  • Gourmet II

  • Museum Group 

  • and many more!!

Sign up for the group(s) you are interested in and you will receive communication from our Special Interest Group Chair with additional details. 


If you are interested in becoming involved or have any questions, please contact our Special Interest Chair -  Mary Geiger //


We inform our members of available local volunteer opportunities to help support our community. LCMA continues to support the Ronald McDonald House by cooking several meals a year. If you are interested in providing a meal, please contact Lindsay Assenmacher at


We welcome ALL donations that are used to support several local charities. Learn more about the organizations that we support.

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